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Post  {LNAW}Cygna on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:32 am

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven {L.N.A.W} ARE RECRUITING !!! Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
Men/Women,, listern up.

{L.N.A.W} is now currently Recruiting to start a new clan, so when 1.90 come's out, we will be one of the first new ones on there.

Also we are looking to rent a system, Only when we have enough members.

We are looking for 4-6 new members to start at the moment, this will increase later on.

So if you feel you're up for the task, Then join us.. THE LEAGUE OF NON-ALLIGNED WORLDS.

Our Motto.......... TRADE ...... MINE ...... ATTACK ....... DEFEND ...... PROTECT..



FROM {LNAW}Hawkinz:

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is a diplomatic corp. We are not establishing a stance against anything except piracy.
Otherwise, it is our goal to unite everyone against our common enemies within the Inner Core. We realize that this places us in a position of emulating a police force at times...
for there are going to be those who need assistance, and someone needs to be there to shine a light into the darkness.
We will hire ourselves out when joining clans for Missions in IC. And our services will be free for the lost souls who encounter Pirates. We are advocates oforder, and to have order,
one must have rules.

We accept ambassadors from any faction or clan. We do not require anyone to give up their allegiances or sell out their allies. We provide acommon ground where issues can be hashed out
and resolved.
When common ground cannot be found, then we move to find stronger methods of resolution.

We intend to encourage new freelancers to join the forum and participate not only in the community, but in Role Playing as well. We intend torecruit actively out of New York and
other systems frequented by lower level players, as new players can be trained and can enjoy membership in a clan just as much as older more experienced enjoy it.

Unless it is otherwise forbidden, we intend to place a well-stocked character in NY to attract recruits, facilitate transfers, and to be able to answer questions.
This character will NOT be a weapon store, norwill it be a weapon bank. It may be used to store credits that can be passed on to new recruits.
Anyone who wants to use {LNAW}Recruiter to facilitate a transfer is welcome to do so. Anyone who sees an {LNAW}Cargo variant is welcome to request it become the Recruitment character
if a transfer in NY is needed. Again, these are free services that are being offered to all.
No fees shall be applied, no questions asked to create an issue. Everyone needs a mediator
once in a while...
and {L.N.A.W} will be that mediator (among other things).

If Interested in joining {L.N.A.W} as an ambassador from your clan, or as a full member, PM either myself or Cygna.

Making a go of the game can be hard enough, regardless of how those players with more money than God say it's easy. Through {L.N.A.W} we hopeto create that network of communication
where people who find the good trade routes can pass that info on to others.
We hope to create the mining communities that can and will spring up on the days that
mining is profitable and feasible.
We hope to assist the players facing open piracy. We hope to pass on the knowledge we gain,
and bring more of the spirit of Role Play back into the game.
When you've got to work hard in the game just to make ends meet, it's even harder to take time away from that and play a role.
If we can make some of that work easier, we can free people up to enjoy Role Playing.
Sometimes you nor a Mercenary or Smuggler or Pirate or Cop. In fact most of us are just an Average Joe,trying to explore and see the universe... and make enough money along the way to afford the equipment to keep us alive. If you want Role Play...
those are the people you need to think about.
Those are the people {L.N.A.W} wants to help.

Thank you Captain Hawkinz for which I feel outlines what {L.N.A.W} is all about.

To sum up what my friend has just said:

We Will :


Where we will look for the best routes with maximum profit margin's, and thus
share this knowledge with anyone who may ask.


We will work closely with the Miners Guild to find the best system to mine at,
which will bring more funds to the Clan.
And to also assist them if our help is required.( to fill their cargo holds )


Attack anything and anyone who is a threat to {L.N.A.W} or anyone who calls for our help.
Not in a Merc way or Police but as a Mediator. It is not our way to get involved with
personal issues, only if we feel its unfair to the person being attacked.


We will defend our way of life to the hilt.
We can and will help other clans with important missions into IC,if called upon at a small cost , and we ask for in return they honour us when we need them.


We at {L.N.A.W} will protect and defend our main base ( when establised ) with deadly force if threatened by an outside enemy of {L.N.A.W}.
Also we will protect ANY clans that need our help or indeed anyone who we deem easy targets.


This list comprise's of the race's that are a common threat to {L.N.A.W}.

NOMADS:- Considered among many as a parasite in the Universe, we now know after extensive research That the Nomads were once slaves of the Dom k'vash and that they are massing a full strike contingency throughout the whole galaxy, and they want revenge at their enslavers.

DOM K'Vash:- We feel that these aliens are mis-understood, after a massive upheaval within their government other groups disbanded and formed the other Dom races , which are a BIG threat to the Dom K'Vash, {L.N.A.W} and indeed all other race's throughout the Galaxy, We fear that they will allign themselves with the NOMADS and WILL become a major Threat to all of Humanity.

PIRATES:- We WILL not tolerate PIRACY, If any pirate wants to demand TAX from any member of {L.N.A.W}, we will consider this as an act of WAR, No one has the right to bully, threaten or indeed spread fear across the systems with this act of cowardice,
Anyone that IS being threatened in this way and need our help, call us and we WILL be there for you, as a mediator.
We will try to deture said Pirate, and we will NOT attack unless fired upon first.
Yes we are aware that some may feel that Piracy is their job and way of life and they enjoy it, All I say is continue to look over your shoulder, As WE may be behind you. You are a threat to honest Traders.

SMUGGLERS:- Providing they are no threat to {L.N.A.W}, we will turn a blind eye and let the House Police deal with them,

MERCS:- They pose no threat to {L.N.A.W} at this time, BUT if we are attacked by any of them that have been hired we will DEFEND ourselves with Deadly Force, and once we have interrogated the pilot, will respond to the Hirer also with said force.
WE are also Merc's.

COALITION:- We have affiliated ourselves with them at the moment, There are some issues with their policies they have in place but we have to tread carefully.
Our Diplomats are in discussions with them at this time.

EARTH:- We at {L.N.A.W} feel that Earth needs us, They have taken many casualties during the Nomad/K'Vash conflict, we need to re-build And make Earth more stronger
as we feel that another attack maybe drawing nearer.
{L.N.A.W} ships are being designed as I type this, to be stationed at Earth to offer Protection.

ANCIENTS:- We at {L.N.A.W} feel that the Ancients home system needs more Exploring, and we also need to find out why they were such a threat to the Dom K'Vash in the first place.
It's our belief the GMG are with-holding some vital piece of information out about their system.
I mean, just what is onboard that huge Battleship surrounded by an impenetrable shield....Cryogeneic suspension pods ????
Are the Ancients still among us??.. We need to find out fast, and build an alligence with them. More Data needed.

VANILLA HOUSE'S:- This all depends on current reps, we are mostly neutral at this moment in time.

{L.N.A.W} HQ:- Once we have established our new base, it will be a neutral one.
Any Race are welcome ( not Pirates ) providing they come to us peacefully and without provocation.
Any acts of Violence will not be tolerated and will meet with deadly force.
Have a drink at our famous bar, trade, and enjoy our amenites.

Well that's our legend, If you feel you want in, then contact us.Good Luck.

Contact us by PM only, don't add to this thread.

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