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    Post  {LNAW}Corvus on Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:15 am

    Like a Star @ heaven 05/09/11 Like a Star @ heaven

    After action report, compiled by J/Lt. M. Corvus (callsign Corvus_Mk_II, Fury VHF) - Duty Officer

    Whilst traveling through New Berlin to reach an undisclosed LNAW RV in Omega-3, J/Lt. Corvus was hailed by a Croatian trader in distress (Scouser Train & Persephone VHF, callsign BlackBeard & RedBeard respectively). The trader was an apparent victim of piracy in Rhineland space and having already lost his cargo when his ship was destroyed was not prepared to lose any more to the same pirate (multiple ships, callsign SRGunboat_Amazonka/Geteorga_Obamaa/Ckeska_Shpik/Dalani_Iann, suspected to have others). So desperate was he to avoid the same fate, BlackBeard was more than happy to pay Corvus for his services in cash and cargo (items which fetched considerable earnings in the right places).
    The pirate's M.O. was a direct violation of Xfire code; requesting help for a transfer, luring the target to a certain location and destroying them as soon as a trade was initiated, a common tactic for the honourless vultures that tarnish the otherwise 'respectable' pirate community.

    As a member of LNAW, a group whose aim is to maintain balance, order and justice, J/Lt. Corvus felt compelled to act. After receiving a brief from BlackBeard, Corvus set down at Bonn Station and got through to Lt. F. Aquila, telling him the situation and requesting immediate assistance. At first, Aquila was wary. Was it a trap set up by BlackBeard and SR? Was it wise to launch action against such a well armed foe? But as soon as Aquila learned of the criminal's identity he immediately dropped everything and prepared to assist [N.B: Lt. F. Aquila also a victim to the same SR pirate, using the same unlawful tactics]. The only trouble for Aquila was that his nearest fighter was stationed several systems away - on the wrong side of New York (New Jersey...nah I'm kidding, he was just far away).

    While Corvus was briefing Aquila on the situation, the SR pirate had tracked callsign BlackBeard to New Berlin and was now on an open channel was calling him out. He called for a rematch, one on one, and this time he would fight fair. BlackBeard once again requested help from J/Lt. Corvus, indicating that the pirate was in the area of the Berlin>Frankfurt gate. Alone and facing an unknown enemy with a history of underhand tactics, Corvus launched immediately to intercept the pirate.

    Unaware of the status of the trader, Corvus made all speed to the jumpgate, expecting to find the large freighter under attack, or it's smouldering remains. He was surprised and relieved to find neither at the gate, but the relief did not last long. At the gate waited the pirate, flying an advanced version of the Liberty Defender, armed with a fearsome array of Inner Core weaponry. No stranger to the rules of the LNAW charter, Corvus greeted the pirate cordially, wishing to find out the whole story before acting. The SR pirate made it clear that Corvus's arrival was not appreciated and strongly urged him to leave the area immediately. J/Lt. Corvus stated that his leaving would be impossible as he was escorting a freighter through the gate; the same freighter the SR pirate wanted in flames. Again, the pirate ordered Corvus to leave the jumpgate, again Corvus refused, stating he had taken a contract and would fulfill it.

    [It is likely that the following actions are a result of misunderstanding and snap judgement]
    The SR pirate opened fire on Corvus, a short burst, inaccurate, most likely a warning shot. From Corvus's position the shots that battered his shield did not feel like warning shots. The SR pirate turned away lazily, yet Corvus panicked. Seeing the rear of the SR Pirate's fighter he opened fire. A 3 second burst, all guns was enough to melt his opponent [the fact that the Pirate disengaged after his first shot reinforces the idea that his attack was meant to deter, not destroy].

    BlackBeard did not need to be told twice; his foe was incapacitated and he was clear to proceed. As J/Lt. Corvus entered the trade lane to New Berlin, BlackBeard made his approach on the Frankfurt jumpgate. It was at this point Corvus received a communique from the pirate, furious at Corvus's breach of conduct, attacking without provocation. Confident of his case, Corvus carried on to New Berlin. Little did he know that this was the second time the SR pirate would destroy his optimism.
    As Corvus exited the tradelane, he was horrified to see the SR pirate again (clearly having docked at the planet whilst waiting for BlackBeard) bearing down on him. A fierce dogfight ensued. The sheer brute force of J/Lt. Corvus's Fury VHF was truly matched by the maneuverability and skill of the pirate in his modified Defender. Corvus had the better guns and the thicker hull, but the nimble pirate was able to avoid any real harm. Neither pilot seemed to have any advantage in the struggle, until Corvus attempted to request help from Aqulia and BlackBeard. The distraction was all the pilot needed. The few seconds he gained were spent well. He drained Corvus's shield and a third of his hull in one devastating volley. Certain he was near the end, J/Lt. Corvus stopped trying to fight and tried to survive. The whole affair felt sour. He had lost. He had failed LNAW.
    With no warning, the pirate ship exploded. The trader had an ace up his sleeve. He had a fighter docked at New Berlin (Callsign RedBeard, Persephone VHF). The trader, now RedBeard, had destroyed the SR pirate, saving Corvus. The elated Corvus immediately waved any fees owed by RedBeard for saving his skin, but Redbeard refused the offer.

    [Just after the dogfight]

    Traveling through Hamburg, Lt. Aquila began to receive messages from a certain SR pirate. The pirate, not yet a victim of Aquila, demanded that he return to New Berlin and fight him once more. The pirate was most insistent, saying that if he would not fight alone he would have to up the ante.
    "This must be the work of Corvus", Aquila grumbled, "and this pirate thinks that I AM Corvus!"

    [Back in New Berlin]

    As Corvus and RedBeard prepared to negotiate the fee, Aquila entered the system with a warning that chilled Corvus to the bone;
    The die was cast; confrontation was inevitable. Corvus immediately peeled off from his transaction and switched comms to Aquila. The two LNAW pilots made for the Frankfurt jumpgate and waited in ambush. RedBeard was close to follow. The news he brought with him was not welcome. The SR pirate was now coming through Hamburg. Sure enough, as RedBeard arrived with the news Aquila received a message;
    "You have to be quicker waitring at jumpgates if you want to catch me!"
    It was clear that the three pilots were dealing with a very experienced foe. With all speed the LNAW pilots and RedBeard made for the Hamburg gate, debating whether or not the pirate would enter the system through the jumpgate or the jumphole in C3. There was no right answer. The obvious choice was the jumpgate. It was perfect for capital ships to pass through, however was open to a,bush. The Jumphole was hard to find, away from prying eyes, excellent for a fighter to sneak through, but being in an asteroid field it would prove hazardous for any ship larger than a freighter. Not ideal for a Man'o'war. The group decided on the jumphole. This proved to be wrong, after much searching of the asteroid field , no trace of the enemy was found .

    On an open Channel, the pirate, now in New Berlin via the jumgate and trade lanes, taunted the three fighters.
    "I'm at planet. Come-come. We fight here, runners".
    Being no fools, the fighters demanded that such a 'brave' pilot in such a mighty ship meet them in the asteroid fields. If they had to fight it would be on their terms. The pirate would not budge. Lt. Aquila, now acting CO of the operation ordered the group to the host star of the system. The plan was solid. With the sun to their backs, and the battleship coming from the planet, the fighters would be hard to spot. Again Aquila called out the pirate. The pirate would not budge. Whether they liked it or not, the three fighter pilots would have to fight the hulk on his terms.

    Leading from the front, Aquila headed out to scout New Berlin. Corvus and RedBeard followed at intervals of 4KM and 6KM respectively. At first Aquila saw nothing, putting it down to another trick, but for once the pirate appeared to be a man of his word. The behemoth materialised in Aquila's HUD. A Liberty Dreadnought, callsign SRGunboat_Amazonka (lotta Liberty hardware...). He notified his comrades and made a steady path to the right of the battleship. Corvus made for the left, waiting for an order to attack.
    "Come-come runners. You scared, you scared", the taunts rang in the fighter pilots' ears, but they held, fast just out of the pirate's gun range.

    The order to attack never came. Aquila charged at the Amazonka. Both ships had each other firmly in their sights. Seeing the discharge of weapons, Corvus roared in to attack, ordering RedBeard to attack from the front. As Aquila dodged and weaved through the barrage of fire coming from the pirate, Corvus swooped in from behind at full speed, his guns raking the engins with fire. After a heavy burst and discharging one Sunslayer, Corvus pulled away just as Redbeard made his run. Aquila was still drawing all fire from the battleship, but refused to run and continued his assault. The fearsome runs made by Corvus and RedBeard had successfully drained the pirate's shields, but they were still in great danger. As Corvus made his second run, the pirate, realising his rear was exposed, turned his attention to Corvus. The battering Corvus received was severe, clearing his shields and nearly half his hull, forcing him to pull back for recharge. It was then that Lt. F. Aquila was lost to fire from the battleship, marking the only friendly casualty of the action. Fueled with thoughts of revenge, Corvus turned back to engage the Amazonka. All fire was being directed at RedBeard; J/Lt. was able to make two runs against the battleship during this time, inflicting severe hull damage. Once again, the pirate turned his attention to Corvus, but it was too late, Corvus was already making his final run and RedBeard was delivering the killing blow.

    The dreadnought reeled and died, fire belching from her breached hull. The day belonged to David, not Goliath, but the pirate was not finished. The now revived Amazonka pursued RedBeard at high speed, desperate for revenge, but RedBeard being no fool, withdrew to the cover of an asteroid field. The pirate, utterly defeated fled the field, spouting rhetoric and words of revenge.
    "You scared, you scared runners!"
    In one last act of petty retribution, the pirate placed bounties of $10,000,000 on the heads of each pilot; a total of $30,000,000. It didn't matter. LNAW had completed it's mission in assisting a civilian trader and removing a known criminal with extreme prejudice.


    Lt. F. Aquila
    J/Lt. M. Corvus
    Trader, callsign BlackBeard/RedBeard

    2x VHF
    1x Lib Dreadnought Amazonka

    1x VHF

    -Known Criminal Persecuted within law
    -Permanent alliance forged with Croatian pilot with word 'beard' in callsign (possible recruit)
    -Further proof of talents of LNAW pilots
    -Message sent to community that LNAW will honour commitments, whatever the consequences
    -Possible backlash from pirate community
    -Bounties on heads of LNAW pilots and one civillian
    >N.B. Bounties made irrelevant in two stages:

    1. Bounties were claimed on each other by each other; the enemy's money going straight back into the pockets of LNAW and it's allies
    2. GR deemed the enemy's bounties too high for the characters at their current levels (by a factor of several million for each player), as a result, GR fined the SR pirate $130,000,000 (that's one-hundred-and-thirty-MILLION in Church of England) for making a mockery of the bounty laws. This has presumerably bankrupted a certain SR pirate (who left in disgust, might I add).

    Report filed by Junior Lieutenant Muffdog Corvus. League of Non Aligned Worlds.

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